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Episode 2- A Giant Leap for Frogkind

9729007497_2d4d8cc746We have two new hosts for this episode, Sivan and Matt co-host with Cameron. The discussion includes spider silk coated with carbon nanotubes, the Voyager 1 space probe leaving the solar system, Frank the Frog, the most accurate atomic clock to date, and architectural mishaps that put some people in hot water (har har).




1:30 we’re through with introductions and start talking about a story from FSU involving  spider silk coated with  nanotubes.

12:00 The Voyager 1 space exploration probe finally leaves the solar system (paper and Article).

13:00 HERE‘s the diagram we were talking about

21:25 Cameron confuses cosmology with crystallography

23:30 We discuss an unexpected passenger on the NASA LADEE Launch

26:25 Matt points out some interesting airport equipment

29:50 Otherwise, LADEE launch is pretty cool, and we don’t know how its pronounced.

33:30 We talk about the new world’s most accurate atomic clock.

37:00 Cameron didn’t read up on optical tweezers either… He isn’t exactly correct… Maybe you should read for yourself.

42:50 A new building in London is melting cars.

54:40 when Cameron said “voyager could keep going,” he meant that it could continue to operate. It will already keep flying until it hits enough stuff to stop it. because physics.

55:00 Goodnight everybody.

55:35 Listen for Matt’s pH joke!



First Few Desperate Hours (from a cover album of The Mountain Goats’ Tallahassee)

Let’s go to the Moon – Groovie Ghoulies (This one is kind of hard to find…)

Time Bomb- The Format, from their EP

 The City that Never SleepsThe Wild (Free!)


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